Philosophy & Values

Our Curriculum

We are guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework and we embed these beliefs into our daily practice.

Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is a child-centred approach to Early Childhood education. We take into consideration the invaluable role of the environment as the third teacher and provide children with provocations which support their open-ended learning. The child’s sense of agency is supported through this philosophy. We believe in the child’s ability to construct their own knowledge from the world around them. We truly believe that children learn at their very best when they are engaged in their own learning process.

Informed Learning

The Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework encourages Victorian educators to support the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic development of the children aged from birth to 8 years of age. We truly believe that all children have the equal right to quality early childhood education and care. We facilitate this right of the children by ensuring equity, inclusion and fairness in our physical environment including resources, thereby tailoring to individualised learning experiences.

Learning Portfolios

At Equip, your child’s development, routines and daily activities are recorded for you to enjoy and share. As part of our daily practices, we record information and observations that are designed to not only keep you informed, but to further extend on your child’s abilities, interests and strength. Regular documented learning is provided in the form of: Daily Communication Book, Daily Reflection, Group & Individual Learning Stories, Developmental Portfolios, Group/Wall Displays and Parent and Education interviews.